What is eLearning? 


It's consistent, online learning that always delivers the same consistent training again and again, so you can guarantee that everyone gets the same message without any interpretationIt's all track-able on, If they don't complete a module or a mandatory training course or they score outstanding don't worry! All courses have the facility to track users progress which is Vital when complicating mandatory training.

It's cost effective and allows quick return on investment (R.O.I.) as you're be able to reuse modules time and time again without any extra setup costs saving you time and money.   

How can we help?

With over 20 years working in the online market we will work closely with you to transform your training. ORCCA will take your training content and create bitesize chunks of online learning available 24/7 on any device, from the big screen to mobile. It’s as simple as that, we do the hard work and you get an affordable eLearning package.We work with you to create a learning course that is unique and fits your needs.

  The Bottom Line.   

In truth, different situations drive different requirements. Some situations may just need a linear or passive course, whilst others require nothing less than an advanced, interactive module presenting the content in a variety of ways whilst engaging the learner. To make life easier we have created four packages.

1. Interactive Simulation package 

A responsive e-learning package with branching scenarios, that the learner can access on different types of devices (tablets, computers smart phones.) Story driven scenario based design, highly interactive and engaging, making use of job aids when needed.

A very engaging and interactive method of delivery, highly focused on learner interaction and understanding. Perfect for work based environments where policy and procedure are important and the upmost care and consideration is given to your customers and staff. Comes with hosting. 


2. Simulation package 

Are responsive e-learning packages that the learner can access on different types of devices (tablets, computers etc). Highly interactive and engaging method of delivery, highly focused on learner understanding. Perfect for busy work based environments.

3. Responsive eLearning package 

In this package, the content is straightforward and typically seen in eLearning delivery today and is common place in work environments. It's great for presenting content to the learner, whilst checking knowledge and understanding at key points also provides an end knowledge using gamification elements.

4. Bespoke custom learning package 

Designed specifically for your needs and tailored to your context and your learners.

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updated: Thursday, 31 August 2017, 7:49 AM